SEXYSLAVE Sucking & Vibrating Realistic 3D Textured Vagina Stroker


Color: White


SEXYSLAVE Sucking & Vibrating Realistic 3D Textured Vagina Stroker

SEXYSLAVE is the first versatile Male Masturbator with Suction, Vibration, and clamption in the industry, with advanced motor literally automation. 4 vibrations and 3 suctions mimic blowjob while intense sensation for you. And the new Industry-leading liquid silicone sleeve-something no pro male masturbator, let alone any other stocker, can do.


Pleasure Air- The soft massaging effect of the smooth sided bumps and ridges inside is surprisingly effective at bringing on a sudden and unexpectedly explosive orgasm. Dont underestimate this one!

Surgical-grade Liquid Silicone - This revolutionary new liquid silicone. safe, hypoallergenic, and non-porous. And if SEXYSLAVE signs of wear in a year, Please just contact us, we always promise a 1-year replacement policy.

Easy To Clean - As it does not have any deep ridges or tight nooks and crannies for residue to build up, running water does the job quite well

Easy to insert - The diameter of the entrance is 2.28'' that never makes insertion a challenge and never actually hurts! But the walls of this chamber gently narrow along its length, It is lined by a series of raised dense bumps.

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