5-Speed 7-Mode Vibrating Massage Wand




5-Speed 7-Mode Vibrating Massage Wand


  • 5 speeds and 7 powerful vibration modes, meet your various combination needs.
  • 13’’ full length, allows you to massage every part of your body.
  • Three buttons are responsible for different functions, easy to operate.
  • USB chargeable, take it with you when you travel.
  • Waterproof, can be easily cleaned with water.


This is a great dual-purpose massager, for both sex and everyday exercise. When used as a sex toy, it can stimulate sensitive parts and play a good role in flirting. Tease your partner during foreplay, she will quickly enter a state of passion. The diameter of the head reached 7.7 inches, enough to massage her entire vulva area. I promise it will work better than your hand. When used as an everyday massager, it can massage any other parts to well relax you. Black scepter appearance, full of modern science and technology, which is stylish and unshameful. The total length of 13 inches is enough to reach your back. No matter which part you want to massage, it can always meet your needs and bring you the most effective, all-around massage and stimulation. It is the best choice to relax muscles and promote blood circulation with its help. So come and explore your favorite combinations among 5 speeds and 7 vibration modes. There are 3 buttons, and each of them is responsible for a different function, ensuring that you can operate them in a straightforward manner. With a charging cable, you don't have to worry about that it runs out of power when travel. It can be used continuously for 2 hours after a full charge. Please not to rinse the switch and power supply area directly in water after use.


Material: ABS+Silicone

Size: 13*2.4’’

Package included:

1*wand vibrator

1*charge cable


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