Automatic Masturbator with 8 Reversible Rotation Modes




Automatic Masturbator with 8 Reversible Rotation Modes


  • Shaft design, convenient to grasp.
  • 8 modes* 8-speed rotation, random combination for multiple excitement.
  • Rows of strategically placed ribbing and bumps, fantastic feeling of squeezing and sucking.
  • Smart touch key, enjoyment of single finger operation.
  • Detachable liner, get rid of cleaning worries.
  • Multiple functions, excellent electric masturbator and penis trainer.


Product Description:

Unique shaft design allows you to grasp the plaything easily and devote yourself to the sex passion with all your heart. Powered by an ultra-strong motor, the automatic male masturbator boasts 8 powerful reversible rotation functions and 8 independent speed controls, which means you can customize 8*8 combinations with promise of multiple pleasure. With each revolution of the soft TPR sleeve, rows of strategically placed bumps and ribbing gently massage every inch of your dick, especially while you are in moves of inserting or going out! The middle thickened section provides better comfort and safety. Super-soft sleeve wraps around the sensitive areas of your cock. At the depth of the sleeve, there are some raised humps, hitting your glans in all directions! The entrance is full of flesh sensuality, which perfectly mimics the squeezing feeling given by lover's plump labia. What’s brilliant is that, unlike any other traditional press-button masturbation cup, it has technology-rich touchscreen buttons and blue feedback aperture. High-precision touch screen control provides silky-smooth tactile operation. Single finger operation without striking a blow. Amazing! In addition, the removable design makes cleaning easier, helping you get rid of worries about any possible damages while washing process. It is not only an excellent electric masturbator, but a penis trainer. It’s able to help you exercise to improve sex stamina, prolong intimacy time and promote erection before indeed thrusting. Relatively speaking, rotation stimulation is not as easy to cause ejaculation as the telescopic stroker. You can start with a weaker mode before getting the stronger one, have a pause for a while when you feel that you want to ejaculate, and then activate again. In this way, your penis will get a better exercise.

Size: 10.2*2.7*2.3"
Weight: 1.3 lb
Material: TPR

Package List:
1 × masturbation cup

1 × charging cable

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