Crocodile Pattern 7-Piece Restraints Set




Crocodile Pattern 7-Piece Restraints Set


  • Red crocodile skin texture, highlight beauty and high-level sense.
  • 7-piece set, all necessary equipment for SM games.
  • Can be used separately, meet a variety of sex positions.
  • PU material, soft and comfortable, leaving no crease after passion.
  • Metal rivets and buckles, durable and not easy to rust.


Every time you can't enjoy yourself in an SMBD game because of incomplete equipment? Then you don’t have to worry anymore with this 7-piece set. Blinder, gag, handcuff, shackle, collar, whip, hand pat, all you want are here. Red crocodile skin texture, PU material, metal rivets and buckles, all highlight the beauty and noble sense. The naked partner wears a gag and a collar with her limbs bound, and is presented in front of you in a kneeling position. You walk forward with a whip in your hand, and the tassels on the whip gently sweep over her sensitive parts and cause her to shudder. The inadvertent whipping left a lewd mark on her delicate skin. The two-way stimulation of conquest and surrender maximizes lust!

Blinder: 8.23 x 2.9”

Gag: 1.8” for diameter; 17-20” for perimeter

Cuffs: 1.6” for width; 7-9” for perimeter

      1.6” for width; 8-10” for perimeter

Collar: 0.6” for width; 9.5-17” for perimeter

Whip: 17”

Paddle: 8.7 x 4.3”

Total weight: 1.2 lb

Material: metal+PU+silicone

Package included:

1 x Blinder

1 x Gag

4 x Cuff

1 x Collar

1 x Whip

1 x Paddle

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