Realistic Silicone Feet with Vaginas




The Realistic Silicone Feet with Vaginas are perfect for the feet lovers out there that still want a traditional sex toy experience.  This product is hand-crafted with premium medical-grade silicone to provide an ultra-realistic sex experience.  The feet are highly detailed to look and feel just like real feet.  

Product Details:

  • Made of medical-grade silicone.
  • Can be used for vaginal sex or foot sex.
  • Inside of silicon vaginas is textured to feel like a real vagina.
  • Anti-fouling material - the skin is resistant to marks, scuffs, and damage.  
  • Durable material - With normal usage and proper care this product will last you many years.
  • Shipped in discreet, unmarked packaging.  
  • Product is 9 inches long (23cm).
  • Weight is 3 lbs (1.4kg).
  • Each order comes with 2 feet, right and left.

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