S249 Transparent Anal Training Kit




Bored with ordinary vagina sex? Why not try a new kind of pleasurable event and move to anal sex? To explore the fun in the back door, Sohimi’s anal training kit must be a better start than your fingers.

Products Features:

Unique Transparent Design - This anal training kit is made from high-quality acrylic crystal, so the whole body of it including the large base is transparent, which means you can clearly see the internal details when inserting it in. If you play this anal training kit with your partner, it can absolutely add more excitement because you’ll have no secret between each other!

Ergonomic Design - This anal training kit is superior to a normal crystal butt plug because it is ergonomic-designed. The small tip makes it easy to be inserted in, the waist and the wide-base design prevents it from slipping deep inside. While you enjoy the feeling of extreme expansion, this crystal butt plug guarantees long-term safe wearing.

Perfect Weight - Benefits from its material, Sohimi’s crystal butt plug is lighter than silicone anal kits, the heaviest one is only 62g. And compared to other metal butt plugs, this crystal butt plug would never hurt you. With only a little lubricant, it can be smoothly inserted into the anus.

Gift For Starters - For a beginner to the back door, a clear butt plug like this can satisfy his curiosity of the internal texture of the anus, and also, it’s easy to operate compared with other plug sets with complicated functions. What’s more, the crystal butt plug is also simple to clean, just rinse it in warm water or wash with a specific cleaner and then air-dry it.

Anal Training Kit | Crystal Butt Plug | Clear Butt Plug
Anal Training Kit | Crystal Butt Plug | Clear Butt Plug

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