SMBD Rose Lace Silicone Gag





  • Bright red rose with sexy lace, create a new visual impact.
  • 3 holes on the back, for easy breathing and saliva leakage.
  • Adjustable strap, fit most sizes.
  • SM game companion, develop new gameplay and discover new fun.
  • Soft silicone, care for the delicate mouth.


Want to spend a great anniversary with your partner? Or want to explore novel bedroom games? This sex toy provides you with new ways to play for fresh happiness.The gag is connected a sexy lace strap that keeps it perfectly in place. And it closes with a hardy metal buckle, which can be adjusted to fit most sizes. The main part is made of silicone, which is non-toxic and harmless, it will never harm your mouth and skin. Moreover, the three holes on the back allow you to breathe unhindered and give way to saliva dripping. No matter how dignified and reserved you usually are, as long as you wear it, watching the saliva flows slowly along the corners of your mouth, there is nothing but shameful pleasure. Spice up your SM games!

Total length: 23.62”

Gag diameter: 1.65”

Weight: 0.24 lb

Material: metal+silicone+lace

Package included:
1 x rose gag

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